Wimbledon International Short Film Festival

about us

At Wimbledon International Short Film Festival we love short films. This festival is dedicated to UK and international short films from 10 seconds to 14 minutes 59 seconds long.

We’re keen to showcase what you as new filmmakers worldwide are doing whether it’s your first film or you’re on your way to becoming established. Wimbledon International Short Film Festival welcomes your short film whatever the genre – it can be funny, serious, real, fantastic, experimental, drama, documentary or animation.

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Wimbledon International Short Film Festival is a part of the Wimbledon Film Club. The WFC is an independent non-political not-for-profit organisation, which is a registered charity run by volunteers. The WFC is also an award-winning member of the British Federation of Film Societies (now Cinema For All).

Both the Wimbledon International Short Film Festival and Competition organisers and judges are involved on a voluntary basis.