Wimbledon International Short Film Festival

2016 Winning Films

09.10.16 | WISFF 2016

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In The Parking Lot

What our judges had to say

An emotional film with strong performances that explores with great sensitivity and insight the difficult time of family break-up. My favourite film this year.

A film which blends form and content beautifully to capture the sense of powerlessness of being a child. The parking lot was an inspired choice as it is something we all have experienced and is oddly universal. A wonderful achievement.

Director & Co-Writer Juliana Orea | Writer Peter Solis | Producer José Luis Villanueva

Lis and her brother Gonzo, are waiting in a car for their father to arrive. After waiting for hours , the kids begin to worry . Gabriel returns carefree, so Lis decides to show her anger by leaving him out of the car . Father and daughter must face the real problems of their relationship.

parking lot two WINNER

Writing On Stone

What our judges had to say

A joy to watch, every frame thoughtful and precise. This documentary opens a new door on a world you thought you knew and makes you realize you had no idea.

Writer & Director Sean Thonson | Producer Rita LeRoux

This short documentary film presents a portrait of Treffrey Deerfoot a venerated elder in the Siksika Tribe in Alberta, Canada, and explores his efforts through ceremonial dance, sacred singing, and traditional storytelling to keep this proud heritage alive for his people today.

The Curse of the Were-Rat

What our judges had to say

A refreshing and entertaining accomplishment to craft an original film in the ‘were’ sub genre. Both funny and scary, The Curse of the Were Rat shows skill and dedication in this labour intensive and time consuming craft.

Writer & Animator: Jan Julian Rospond

In the city shred by terror, a mysterious shape-shifting man strikes fear into the hearts of the citizens. A wild, innocent cat nearly falls victim to the strange monster, but the unexpected turn of events helps him discover the monster’s great secret.


The Sprint King

What our judges had to say

Passionately directed with verve and style this film crashes forth with a new director of immense skill and strength.

Writer & Director: Benjamin Ducker
Producers: Mike Etherington, James Ducker & Benjamin Ducker

The humbling and remarkable true story of jockey Dandy Nicholls, a run away boy who punched, kicked and starved his way through the dark underworld of horse racing to be crowned ‘The Sprint King’ of the 80’s race scene.

Sprint King WINNER

Dreaming of Peggy Lee

Writer, Director & Producer: James Everett

When Ingrid, an unsympathetic care worker, confiscates Belinda’s treasured picture of Peggy Lee, her friend Alexander decides to smuggle them both out of the home to visit a 1940s jazz club. When their dream is about to be cut short by the arrival of Ingrid, Belinda does something so extraordinary that it brings the entire jazz club to a standing ovation.

Peggy Lee WINNER